National Center for Higher Education Management Systems

John Clark

John Clark is a Research Associate and has been with NCHEMS since March 2000. His primary responsibilities at NCHEMS include statistically analyzing and graphically displaying detailed national, state, and local level postsecondary and population demographics for current projects, reports, and senior-level presentations.  He also provides analytical and technical support in the development of predictive student pipeline and workforce supply/demand modeling, as well as expertise in GIS/thematic mapping applications.

John attended the University of Southern Colorado (now Colorado State University-Pueblo) from 1988-91 and Colorado State University in Fort Collins from 1991-93. John earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in mathematics with a heavy emphasis in mathematical and applied statistics. Other areas of interest included economics, physics, and geology.

John was previously employed by PTI Environmental Services as an Assistant Environmental Scientist where he gained valuable experience analyzing and graphically displaying geologic data.  He also worked for Micro Motion, Inc. as a Statistical Process Control Technician where his primary responsibility included quality manufacturing improvement through the application of Statistical Process Control techniques.

John Clark
Research Associate
(303) 497-0308