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Information Tech Review

Information Technology Review


An external, unbiased assessment of information technology on your campus

A national perspective on institutional computing and networking capabilities

Knowledgeable expert opinions on workable information technology strategies


In this time of rapid technological change, many colleges and universities have not been able to keep pace with the growing information needs of the institution. Computing hardware becomes obsolete before it is paid for, software barely meets the transaction processing needs of operational units, and management information needs are unrealized. Usually an over-worked computing center staff is hard pressed to satisfy the day-to-day information processing needs while maintaining out-of-date systems, and the backlog of new requests grows exponentially. Some frustrated users design sub-optimal and uncoordinated microcomputer systems, while others simply limp along. Top administrators are reluctant to add resources without a clear plan, and the information technology staff is unable to articulate a plan without additional resources. One way to break this deadly embrace is to initiate an external Information Technology Review.

Even in institutions that are well served by information technology, top administrators may wish to have an external assessment of their technological environment. This is particularly true if any major changes in computing hardware or software are anticipated. In these cases, an Information Technology Review can substantiate institutional activities and plans.

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