Assessment Update: The First Ten Years

Title: Assessment Update: The First Ten Years
Author: Banta, Trudy W.
Ewell, Peter T.
Gray, Peter
Pike, Gary
Seybert, Jeffrey
Date: 1999
Catalog #: 2BA393
Price: $ 25.00
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Description: Whether motivated by the desire to improve programs and services or by external accountability pressures, assessment has become extraordinarily widespread. With some form of assessment being undertaken at virtually every institution of higher education, this volume is a resource to help you move toward more effective assessment on your campus. This collection of columns is drawn from ten years of Assessment Update, a bimonthly newsletter published by Jossey-Bass Publishers. The five columnists are among the top scholars/practitioners in the field.

Trudy Banta shares her editorís perspective of the increasing sophistication on the assessment field; the challenge of engaging faculty in assessment efforts; and state-level, national and international issues in outcomes assessment. Peter Ewell discusses developments over a decade of state-based assessment mandates as well as broader and more complex external forces, including national and international developments, that are shaping the context for assessment. Peter Gray profiles over 30 four-year institutions that have made serious attempts to design and implement assessment programs. Gary Pike offers descriptions and critiques of the most widely used assessment instruments from a technical and practical perspective. Jeffrey Seybert provides models for community college assessment, as well as numerous examples of community college assessment at state and national levels.