National Center for Higher Education Management Systems


Center for State Policy on Student Progression (C2SP)


The Center for State Policy on Student Progression (C2SP) provides a central resource for policy makers to understand and shape increasingly complex patterns of student flow into and through postsecondary education in order to maximize educational attainment and appropriate employment for students drawn from all income and demographic backgrounds.

C2SP provides a single national entity to archive and synthesize policy research on student progression and its associated success factors, disseminate best practice with respect to state policy in this arena, and assist individual states in building and enhancing their capacity to a) understand the dynamics of student progression in their own states and, b) develop appropriate local policy approaches to enhancing student success based on known best practices. C2SP conducts regular fifty-state surveys on data resources and policies affecting student success and works directly with states and state consortia to create data tools and archives that enable more comprehensive and effective longitudinal studies of student progress and degree attainment.

C2SP has three main goals, each of which is designed to address a particular condition of the current state policy environment:

  1. Increase the knowledge base associated with state practices to promote student success.
  2. Develop tools to help states enhance their policy information infrastructures on student progression.
  3. Develop and disseminate “good practice” for state policy to promote student progress and success.

These goals directly advance access and success in postsecondary education because states exert substantial leverage over institutional and student behaviors through the ways they fund institutions, govern admissions into and transfer among them, structure accountability reporting, manage financial aid systems, and conduct workforce development. 

C2SP is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and by the Lumina Foundation.