National Center for Higher Education Management Systems



NCHEMS Newsletters (PDF):

NCHEMS no longer publishes regular newsletters.  Here are some examples of past newsletters:

  • September 2007 The Under-Understood Nexus: Higher Education and Economic Development
  • January 2006 A New Look at the Institutional Component of Higher Education Finance: A Guide for Evaluating Performance Relative to Financial Resources
  • June 2005 State Fiscal Outlooks from 2005 to 2013: Implications for Higher Education
  • October 2004 E-Learning: Myths and Lessons
  • May 2003 Conceptualizing and Researching the Educational Pipeline
  • June 2002 Developing the National Information Center for Higher Education Policymaking and Analysis
  • June 2001 Beyond the Administrative Core: Creating Web-Based Student Services for Online Learners
  • December 2000 The Costs of Teaching with Technology
  • June 2000 Knowledge and Skills Needed to Succeed in the 21st Century Workplace
  • February 1999 Managing Faculty Assets to Accommodate New Realities